StomaGuard I Shower Shield with 30 Tape Discs

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The StomaGuard I Shower Shield is another fine, dependable MedMart product. It's designed to completely shield your stoma (neck opening) when showering and washing your hair. When properly taped, it will permit you to breathe freely while preventing the shower spray and water that runs down the neck from entering the stoma. Component parts include disposable tape disc, rubber housing, tubular vent and perforated breathing filter. It comes in a zip-lock bag for easy storage.

The StomaGuard I Shower Shield, except for the tape discs, has a lifetime guarantee under normal use and conditions. StomaGuard I is designed and intended for use during showering only. It will not protect the stoma (airway) if the head and neck are submerged in water. Do not use for swimming. Note: The tubular vent and filter should not be taken apart except for cleaning. Instructions for use are included with the StomaGuard.

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